Hey cutie. Let’s talk game attire and etiquette. Scenario: You’ve spent your hard-earned cash and copped courtside tix to the next home game. Obviously, you’re trying to catch his eye, but how do you do that without looking like a full-on jersey ho? The answer is not to prance around in 6” tall Loubs and fall flat on your crazy, white ass. And unless you’re a mega-fan, and sit with […]

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#DreamShakeBarbie: What was it like to be on the constant hot seat that comes with being the Dallas Cowboys Head Coach? What makes Jerry Jones’ ownership style unique to others you have worked for? Wade Phillips: The Cowboys are just so popular, and another one of the things that happens there is the constant attention, both local and national. And I think one of the things that Jerry does really […]

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“The stars at night are big and bright [clap! clap! clap! clap!] deep in the heaaart of Texas!” Undoubtedly, there are some Cowboys fans that follow my blog. After all, the infamous Dallas star shows up just about everywhere. I know what y’all are thinking: “We want more Texans talk!” And we will get there, no need to be greedy. But since this was my interview, I was curious to […]

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#DreamShakeBarbie: Do you see similarities between the fan’s reactions in the 70s to the Luv Ya Blue Oilers and this current crop of Texans fans? Wade Phillips: “I do; I actually do. Our stadium is really loud, we filled it up and when you play in it, it was just as loud as the Astrodome got back in the day. The enthusiasm of the fans was just as good as […]

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My dad used to take me to Oilers games at the Astrodome. I remember one time he took my friend, Laura, and me, and he taught us both the old fight song. “Houston Oilers, number one!” I had no clue what the hell football was at the time, nor did I realize that the fact that I played volleyball with Warren Moon’s daughter was epic, to say the least, but I do […]

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